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Swanwick Bethel Cemetery (Continued)

This Woodside family stone holds the following:

Father: Wilmer G., Oct. 18, 1937 - Aug. 10, 2004
Mother: Rita F., Jan. 5, 1942 - Dec. 30, 1976
Daughter: Carla K., July 20, 1965 - Dec. 30, 1976

This McCormick family stone reads:

James, Feb. 13, 1848 - Nov. 12, 1933
Sarah M., Oct. 4, 1856 - Dec. 20, 1921
Florence E., Jan. 7, 1879 - June 18, 1883
Charles W., Feb. 16, 1891 - Dec. 23, 1898

Asleep In Jesus

On the front of this monument:

George McCormick
Died Sept. 5, 1894
Aged 73 Y. 9 M. 26 D.

This is the reverse side of above monument. It is quite worn and difficult to read.

_______ McCormick
Died ____ 28, 1888
Aged 62 Y. 10 M. 24 D.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More from Swanwick Bethel Cemetery

This stone lies flat in the ground.

Wilmer Gene Woodside
A3C US Air Force
Oct 18 1937 - Aug 10 2004

William H. Woodside
1962 - 1981

There are 2 persons listed on this stone:

Martha J.
Wife of
W. L. Penninger
Died Aug 14, 1873
Aged __ Yrs. 6 Mo. 3___(part is unreadable due to mud on sides of stone)

James A., Son of W. L. & M. J. Penninger
Died Aug 10, 1873, Aged 1 Mo. 2 Days

Monday, December 10, 2007

Swanwick Bethel Cemetery, Perry County, Illinois

Entrance to Swanwick Bethel Cemetery on State Highway 13, just East of Swanwick in Perry County, Illinois.

John C.
Son of
J. M. & L. E.
Died Feb. 11, 1851
Aged 1 yr. 2 m. 18 dys.

Thomas P. Woodside
Civil War

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cemetery Research In Winter Months

Now that winter weather has hit here in my area, it is very difficult to do any on-site cemetery research. I don't know about you, but I do not enjoy walking and searching through cemeteries with snow or ice on the ground and temperatures near freezing. So here are some ideas on alternate ways to find cemetery or burial information.

A great website to visit is They have a database of over 16 million burial records. You can search for a cemetery and see who is buried there, or you can search on a surname or full name to see what cemetery they are buried in. The information is entered by individuals, so you may need to double-check birth and death dates. There are even some pictures that have been uploaded by individuals. You could get lucky and find a tombstone photo of one of your ancestors.

Try visiting or writing to local libraries, genealogy libraries, and genealogical societies in the area where your ancestor is buried. You may find your ancestor's gravestone inscription listed among the transcriptions owned by these organizations, or they may know where transcriptions are located.

Computerized cemetery records indexes can be helpful in locating the record you need. These can be found at some libraries, or can be purchased from genealogical and historical societies.

Another great idea is to visit the web page for the area where your ancestors lived or died. Many counties and states now have on-line databases with helpful information. I have had great luck using the Randolph County and Perry County, Illinois web pages. Visit to find the state or county site you are looking for.

I hope these few ideas will help you. If you do not yet know the cemetery where an ancestor is buried, try sending for the death certificate. It often provides the place of burial. And don't forget to ask an older relative. Quite often older relatives know information the younger ones do not, even where to find that elusive cemetery.

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Coulterville Cemetery (Continued)

This family plot is located at the far end of the cemetery. Cemetery Road runs right behind the stones. Of course, it was the last part of the cemetery that I walked through.

Below is a separate listing of each stone.

Located at the left of the above photo, this stone reads:

John Woodside
Born June 5, 1782
Died Dec. 29, 1855

The lower half of stone is quite worn and hard to read, but I believe the above dates are correct.

The second stone from the left is for John's wife:

Nancy F.
Wife of John Woodside
Born Apr. 2, 1796
Died Nov. 29, 1869

Second stone from the right:

Robt. P. Woodside
Born Sep. 26, 1838
Died Jan. 31, 1864

There is a rifle at the top of the stone. At the bottom I was only able to read Co. F. However, Randolph County Cemetery Records state Co. F. 10 MO Inf-CW.

This stone is on the far right:

Josiah K. Woodside
Born Aug. 1, 1835
Died May 30, 1898

(All census records give this son's name as Joshua K.)

Friday, November 23, 2007

More from Coulterville Cemetery

This pillar gravestone has the name Woodside engraved on the lower front, and engravings on three sides of the upper pillar. The stone leaning against the side of the pillar is for Sarah M. Woodside and is described in my previous posting.

The pillar stone has deteriorated quite a bit and is difficult to read. However, I believe I have captured most of the engraving properly.

The right-hand side of the pillar has the following engraving:

Sarah, Wife of R. H. Woodside
Died July 25, 1902
Aged 79Y 8M 28Ds

The rear of the pillar is engraved:

Died June 25, 1898
Aged 80Y 2M 16(?)Ds.

(I could not read the beginning of the engraving, but believe this to be Robert H., husband of Sarah.)

The third, or left-hand side of the pillar reads:
Woodside, Died Oct 2, 1855, Aged 21 Days.

I could not get the first name, however, it appears to be for Robert and Sarah's daughter, Sarah M., as the death information is the same as on the white stone that is leaning against the pillar.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coulterville Cemetery, Randolph County, Illinois

Coulterville Cemetery entrance stone. This cemetery sits between County Highway 25 and Cemetery Road, just north of State Route 13 in Randolph County, Illinois.

This stone is leaning against a larger Woodside monument. It reads:

Sarah M., Daughter of
Robert H. and Sarah Woodside
Died Oct. 2, 1855, Aged 21 days

This is a more recent stone in the cemetery. I do not know if it is related to my Woodside line, but felt it worth photographing.

It reads: S. Harold 1894 - 1962 and Anna M. 1898 - 1979

Monday, November 12, 2007

Map of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

This map of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery was received from the cemetery office in 1998. The cemetery is located on Cheltenham Avenue between Waverly and Easton Roads, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

At that time you could write to them or go in to the office with a list of the names you were interested in locating graves for. In addition to the map, they printed out a sheet from their computer which gave the owner of the grave site, the section-range-lot-grave numbers, the names of the deceased buried there and the interment dates.

With the map and list in hand it is rather easy to locate the graves you are interested in. It will still require some walking and looking, but is a lot less time consuming than working without this information.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Visiting Older Cemeteries

Since my recent genealogy research trip took me to some older cemeteries, I thought I would share with you some things I learned.

First of all, be prepared to spend a LOT of time (read that as hours) at EACH cemetery. Older cemeteries do not have offices you can visit to ask questions, therefore cannot provide maps of the lot or grave layouts.

Second, the stones are not laid out in even rows and all stones do not face the same direction. This makes it very difficult to walk the rows to read stones.

Third, many of the older stones have deteriorated a great deal and are unreadable, are broken and incomplete, or they are just plain missing.

For one of the cemeteries I was visiting I had found a listing on-line at the County page. It gave the row or section of the cemetery where my ancestors were buried. However, when I got there I discovered the problems listed above, plus there was no way to distinguish the sections. So my daughter and I had to walk the whole cemetery to try and find my ancestors. We found some, but not all that were supposed to be there.

The second cemetery we visited was pretty much the same experience, except I did not have a listing that showed rows or sections, only names. This time I played it smarter and only headed toward the older looking stones. It still involved a great deal of walking and looking. I was about ready to give up finding anything when I practically fell over what I was looking for.

We had planned on visiting 4 cemeteries that day - only made it to 2 of them. We also had planned on spending 3 days visiting 7 to 8 cemeteries, never made it past the first day. The weather was horrible - severe wind and rain kept us in the hotel the other 2 days. Not a completely wasted trip but disappointing just the same.

So Number Four on the list would be to check the weather for the area you are going to before you finalize your plans. If the weatherman say storms are heading that way in a few days, stay home. We had beautiful sunny days driving out to the cemeteries and again driving home. Sometimes you just can't count on the weather staying nice!

Friday, November 2, 2007

The following two gravestones are at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (see previous postings) and are for my husband's family.

This stone is in Section 12, Range 10, Lot 44

Mother: K. Stolzer 1890-1918

Father: A. Stolzer 1863-1934

(Note: The Stolzers were my husband's great grandparents - Katherine (Kern)& Andrew)

This stone is flat in the ground in Section 1, Range 5, Lot 38. I do not know the person engraved on the stone (Isabella Friel) but there are 3 burials in the cemetery's records: William Carroll 12/28/1900 age 11 yrs.; William Carroll 1/28/1908 age 3 yrs.; Nora Walsh 11/18/07.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

These two gravestones are at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (see previous posting) and sit side by side.

Jacob - 1886-1929
Mary K. - 1888-1947
Mary Walsh - 1911-1960

(Note: Mary Walsh is the daughter of Jacob and Mary K. Peters)

Catherine M. - 1908-1970
Joseph T. - 1899-1977

(Note: Catherine M. Hare is the daughter of Jacob and Mary K. Peters)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Montgomery County, PA

Sign at entrance to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery on Cheltenham Avenue in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Walsh family gravestone located in Section 18, Range 5, Lot 14. At time of visit in July of 1998, this lot had three Graves with a total of 9 spaces.

Grave 1 included the following:
  • 1F - Mary Walsh, born April 29, 1927, interred February 2, 1929
  • 1/6 - Ann A. Campbell, born October 8, 1906, died January 29, 1995, interred February 3, 1995
  • 1/8 - James J. Walsh, Jr., born November 24, 1904, died August 16, 1957, interred August 21, 1957
  • 1/9 - James Walsh, born June 13, 1928, interred January 29, 1929.
Grave 2 included the following:
  • 3C - Julia P. Walsh, born December 27, 1905, interred May 12, 1990
  • 3/6 - Margaret M. Shuman, born August 28, 1929, died June 18, 1989, interred June 23, 1989
  • 3/8 - James J. Walsh, Sr., born November 19, 1884, died February 15, 1962, interred February 19, 1962
Grave 3 included the following:
  • CR/6 - Elsie Murray, interred August 18, 1931
  • CR/8 - Rose E. Walsh, born 1886, died July 31, 1926, interred August 4, 1926

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I will be away from my computer for about a week doing genealogical research in cemeteries. Hope to come back with lots more information on my ancestors, as well as pictures.

Look for my next posting around the 22nd of October.

If there is some information on a particular relative you are looking for that might connect with one of my lines, please contact me through my email link under my Profile. I am always willing to share information.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Map of Caledonia Cemetery, Sparta, Illinois

The Caledonia Cemetery is located about 1/2 mile east of the town of Sparta on State Route 154, in Randolph County, Illinois. The upper end of the cemetery is bordered by East Mound Street.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Hill Prairie Cemetery, Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois

Samuel W. Lyons
Died Apr. 2, 1862
Aged 19 yrs. 7 ms. 10 ds.

Note: Samuel W. is the son of Robert W. and Bithiak (Patterson) Lyons

Renwick S.
Son of
R.W. & M.A. Lyons
Died Aug. 16, 1861
Aged 1 yr. 5 ms.

Note: Renwick is the son of Robert W. and Mary Ann (Kinkead) Lyons.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hopewell Cemetery, Perry County, Illinois

Hopewell Cemetery pg 1: "Hopewell Cemetery Contributed by Susan Patton Hopewell

Cemetery is located five miles west of Pinckneyville, Illinois, on Highway 154, then South on small side road, to a hill covered with stately trees. A sign is posted along the highway. The first burial date was before 1830. Some of the area's earliest settlers are buried here. The Hopewell Cemetery Association was organized June 2, 1970, to maintain and preserve this cemetery. Hopewell Presbyterian Church, which no longer stands, bordered the east side of the cemetery. The Church was built in 1831. By 1885, the parishioners had increased and a new church was built , called Four Mile Presbyterian Church, leaving the old one abandoned."

For the legend that goes with the above picture visit the web site by clicking on the above link.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More from Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

While these two stones do not appear to be of relatives, I took photographs to be on the safe side. Who knows, somewhere down the line I may be glad I did. They both are flat in the ground in Section 10.

My Husband, Thomas Dugan, Died May 24, 18??, Aged 51 Years.

Andrew, Son of the late Thomas & Jane Dugan. Died Sep. 22, 1876, Aged 10 Years.

May They Rest In Peace.

In Memory of My Daughter Eliza Goodchild, Died Aug. 18, ___7, Aged 26 Years.

Also My Daughter Ida Goodchild, Died Feb. 7, 1890, Aged 4 Years & 4 Mos.

Also Annie Dugan, Died Feb. 25, 1889, Aged 21 Years

Children of Jane and the late Thomas Dugan. May They Rest In Peace.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Finding A Cemetery

In order to do cemetery research you will first need to learn where your ancestor is buried. Here are a few ways to do that:

Locate death records and/or obituaries. They nearly always mention the cemetery.

Ask family members if they have any funeral, mass or prayer cards. Also ask if they know of family burial locations.

Funeral homes can be helpful in locating cemetery records. The funeral home is often mentioned in obituaries and death notices. Also, funeral directors will have knowledge of the cemeteries in their area.

Check with the church your ancestors attended. Often a record of the death and burial is kept by the church. Also, some churches have attached cemeteries and will have records of the burials there. If you don't know the church, check a map of the area where your ancestor lived and see what churches are near where they lived.

Don't forget to check with the local genealogical or historical society. Quite often they have compiled cemetery indexes.

On-line sources can be very helpful and there are quite a few. Check out Cindi's List at for a varied list.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some Lyons Gravesites at New Holland Cemetery, Ohio

Dora Belle Lyons is the spouse of M. Luther Lyons.

Hassel Vernon, Infant Son of M. L. and D. B. Lyons June 20, 1907

Friday, September 14, 2007

Map of Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Way back in 1987, before there was so much concern with privacy and records were more easy to obtain, I had contacted Mt. Moriah Cemetery to get any information they had on Dougan burials. For a fee they did the research and sent me a wonderful listing that included the name, age at death, date interred and grave site. I doubt very much you would be able to do this today with all the privacy restrictions.

This photo is a copy of the map that was sent along with the information. I was easily able to find each grave I was interested in.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mount Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

The Mount Moriah Cemetery is located on Kingsessing Avenue and consists of an older section and a newer section. Cobbs Creek Boulevard cuts through the two sections. I did not take a photo of the entrance when I visited in 1998, but did find this photo on-line.

The Dougans are my paternal ancestors. This stone is for my great, great grandfather and his family. It is in Section 31, Lot 49. On the top of the stone is engraved Dougan. The front of the stone on the left side reads:
Father: Joseph Dougan 1823 - 1911
Mother: Mary Dougan 1829 - 1923

The right side reads:
1861 Robert C. 1864
1867 Mary Y. 1868
1864 Robert C. 1882
1871 Mary R. 1892

This small stone lays flat in the ground and is in Section 135, Lot 250, and is for my great grandparents child:

Willie T. Dougan
Born Aug. 2, 1881
Died May 6, 1887

This stone represents part of my great, great grandfather's family. It is located in Section 135, Lot 246. The top of the stone is engraved Phillips - Dougan. The front of the stone on the left side reads:
1882 Edith D. 1964
1882 Frederick 1965

The right side reads:
1856 Joseph 1931
1859 Jennie H. 1887
1884 J. Howard 1886

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tips for Photographing Gravestones Tips for Photographing Gravestones:

Cleaning the Stone

Cleaning a cemetery stone is a controversial topic. The first rule of conservation and preservation is to cause no damage. Unfortunately, by using household cleaners, chalk and shaving cream to enhance the lettering you may injure the surface in ways that are not readily apparent. Caution should be used before you destroy what you set out to preserve.

Over the centuries several different types of stones have been used to create gravestones. Some of the stones are quite porous and fragile, while others are resistant to damage. Be careful when attempting to improve the readability of the inscription. Types of stone:
  • Prior to the Nineteenth century: Sandstone or slate
  • Nineteenth Century: Marble and gray granite
  • Late nineteenth century to the present: Polished granite or marble
There are a few things that you can do that will not cause injury.

  • A soft brush or natural sponge and water will help you remove surface soil. Gentle brushing should remove surface dirt and bird droppings. Power washing should not be used; water should flow over the stone or be delicately sprayed onto the surface. Never use hard objects or stiff brushes to clean the stone. Removing lichens with sharp objects may inadvertently destroy the surface.
  • Not all cemeteries are regularly maintained. By trimming tall weeds around the base of the stone and cutting the grass you may discover epitaphs hidden under the overgrowth.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Caledonia Cemetery, Randolph County, Illinois

The Caledonia Cemetery is located about 1/2 mile east of the town of Sparta on State Route 154, in Randolph County, Illinois.

Please note, these are only some, not all, of the Woodside graves in Caledonia.

This Woodside stone covers three burials:

David B. 1871 - 1936
Fannie S. 1872 - 1959
James Roy 1905 - 1906

Ralph N. Woodside 1907 - 1976

This stone is standing upright under a tree.

Mary A. Wife of J. J. Woodside
Born Oct 26, 1811
Died Feb. 18, 1892
Aged 80 Yrs. 3 M. 22 d.

The following three stones are flat in the ground:

Addison, Son of John J. & Mary Woodside, Died July 20, 1853, Aged 1 yr 3 mos. 9 ds.

John M., Son of John J. & Mary A. Woodside, Died June 21, 1848, Aged 1 year, 8 mos. 2 ds.

John S., Son of John J. & M.A. Woodside, Died Aug 26, 1850, Aged 1 yr. 9 ms. 26 ds.

PETTIT stones in the Caledonia Cemetery:

Jonathan Pettit, Died July 16, 1851, Aged 32 Yrs. 7 mo. 22 ds.

Randolph County, Illinois Information 1800-1850 by Randolph County Genealogical Society, Chester, Illinois, p.320, states this is husband of Mary)

Son of Jonathan & Mary Pettit, Died May 2, 1819, Aged 2 yrs.

(Note: Randolph County, Illinois Information 1800-1850 by Randolph County Genealogical Society, Chester, Illinois, p.320, states this is John Henry Pettit)