Saturday, November 21, 2009

Florida National Cemetery, Sumter County, Florida

Robert Laurie Letton
CWO US Navy, World War II
Oct 14, 1905 - Apr 2, 1997

[Note: Husband of Clara Elizabeth Hughes; Son of James Henry and Jennie (Marshall) Letton]

Grady M. Hughes
Tec 4, US Army, World War II
Aug 11, 1919
Feb 2, 1995

Martha R. Hughes
His Wife
Jan 25, 1921
Sep 13, 2002

We Love You

William C. Hughes
SP5, US Army, Viet Nam
May 25, 1943
Feb 6, 1993

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bay Pines National Cemetery, Pinellas County, Florida

Ray Charles Bauld
EMP3 US Navy
World War II Korea
Dec 23 1928 - Sep 18 1991

[Ray is the son of Charles O. Bauld and Pearl Lillian (Woodside) Bauld; and the husband of Teresa M. Bassett]

Reuben J. Kennedy
PVT 151 INF 38 DIV
World War I
August 14 1938

Marvin G McConnell
2d Lieutenant US Army
World War I
July 11 1893 - May 26 1958

These great photos were taken by John Carter.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Woodside Cemetery, Thomasville, Oregon Co., Missouri

This large WOODSIDE stone for the family of Capt. James Posey Woodside contains the following inscriptions:
Capt. J. Posey Woodside, A Confederate, Born Mar. 18, 1843, Died May 21, 1912
Martha A. Woodside, A Christian, Born Dec. 28, 1847, Died Mar. 24, 1901
Nova S. Woodside, Born July 12, 1868 {not imprinted on stone is Nova's death date of Jan. 24, 1961]
Guy S. Woodside, Born Sept. 19, 1872, Nov. 22, 1944
Hal Woodside, Born Aug. 1, 1875 [not imprinted on stone is death date of July 14, 1960]
J. Clare Woodside, Born Sept. 12, 1883, Dec. 5, 1955

Separate individual stone for Capt. Woodside:

James Posey Woodside
Capt. Co. D 4 MO Inf.
MO State GDS
Confederate States Army
Mar. 18, 1843, May 21, 1912

Separate individual stone:

J. Clare Woodside
1883 - 1955

Wm. Pinckney Woodside
Born Oct. 6, 1845

[Note: bottom of stone is broken off. Death date should be Feb. 5, 1851]

As you can see, this stone is broken in two. What can be read states:

J. H. Forbis
July 23, 1857
Died Feb'y, 1861

These great pictures were taken by Robert J. Stauffer, Jr.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Marissa Cemetery (Continued)

The following stones are all in Section A, Lot 51 of Marissa Cemetery.

This is the front of the stone marking the graves of John R. Lyons and his wife Mary. To the right is a small stone marked FATHER, and the left is a small stone marked MOTHER.

On the right side of the tall monument stone is John R. Lyons, Born Sept. 14, 1814, Died May 21, 1915, Aged 100 Yrs. 8 Mo. 7 Ds.

This photo is the left side of the above monument. It reads:

Mary A. McKee
Wife of John R. Lyons
Died Feb. 7, 1885
Aged 68 Yrs. 9 Mo. 27 Ds.

James Birney
Son of W.M.K. & S.J. Lyons
Feb. 1877

Anna Flora Lyons
May 28, 1882
Dec. 15, 1959

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marissa Cemetery (Continued)

John McQuilken Lyons 1868 - 1954
Mary Levenia nee Preston 1869 - 1950

[John was the son of James Riley Lyons and Anna W. McQuilken]

This small white stone appears broken and placed back in the ground. All that is readable is: In Memory of Mary McKentey.

The Marissa Cemetery Book states the following:
Mary Mc Kentey dau. of James R. & Annie W. Lyons, 12 Mar. 1873, 5 June 1873, 2 mo. 23 d.

George 1870 - 1945
Mary E. 1870 - 1950

[George was the son of James Riley Lyons and Anna W. McQuilken. Mary's maiden name was Burris.]

This stone for Mary Elizabeth Lyons is a separate stone for the wife of George. See combined stone above.

This stone is for the infant son of George and Mary Elizabeth Lyons who was born and died in 1896.

John W. son of G. & M. E. Lyons
Feb. 10, 1897
Sept. 29, 1918
Co. C 11 Reg. U.S.M.C.

Also on stone: Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marissa Cemetery (Continued)

The front of the stone has just the surname JOHNSON.

On one side is engraved:
James Johnson, Born Feb. 25, 1847, Died July 7, 1907

On other side:
Sarah, Wife of James Johnson, Born May 31, 1850, Died Nov. 5, 1916

[Note: Sarah's maiden name was Smith.]

JOHNSON is on top of stone.

Inscription on front reads:

Wm. H. Johnson
Aug. 18, 1869

Feb. 11, 1900

[Note: William was the son of Sarah and James above.]

This stone sits beside the above stone.

Sept. 15, 1878
Jan. 24, 1965

[Note: Edward was the son of Sarah and James.]


Edwin, Dec. 3, 1889, Dec. 29, 1980
Rose, June 27, 1891, Dec. 22, 1959

[Note: Rose's maiden name was Johnson.]

While this stone's markings have worn away, it is the stone for Thomas Smith, Jr. According to the Marissa Cemetery book and family sources, it originally was ingraved:

Thomas Smith, Emigrated from Antrim County,
Died Nov. 2, 1879, Aged 67

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marissa Cemetery, St. Clair County, Illinois

This tombstone is for Benjamin P. Green. On the lower front it has the surname GREEN. On the side it reads: Died April 11, 1890, Nashville. Aged 67 yrs 7 mths 1 day

His wife Sarah's stone is in the shadows next to a tree and reads: Sarah, Wife of Benjamin, Died June 2, 1900, Aged 62 yrs 9 mths 23 das

[Note: Sarah's maiden name was Getty]

This stone is to the left of the one above and has a Dove near the top. It reads:

Martha Ann, daughter of B.P. and S. Green

[Note: Marissa Cemetery book also indicates she was born Feb. 29, 1871 and died Feb. 27, 1882]

James W. Green
Died March 27, 1877
Aged 50 yrs 29 d

Nancy Green Hendron
Born County Antrim, Ireland
April 1, 1843
Died Aug. 3, 1904

[Note: Nancy's maiden name was Smith. She was married to James W. Green and after his death apparently remarried. However, she is buried next to James and the lower area of her stone reads GREEN.]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This wonderful poem was sent to me by Marilyn Mauldin. I like it so much that I got her permission to publish it here. Please note this is a copyrighted writing and is not for publication without her permission. If you want more information please contact me, or you can reach Marilyn at . Erma

The Dash of a Lifetime

We see it on each tombstone inscribed between two dates
The little dash so neatly carved; to what does it relate?
Do Kings and Queens have a longer dash than a worker in the field?
Are carvings hidden upon the stone telling of bravery that would not yield?

No reference is made of the kindly deeds - many done for you and me
Not a word is mentioned of a life given far across the sea.
The stone is small, there is no room to note discoveries made
Of finding cures, or transplanting hearts or what part they may have played.

Hopes and plans, thoughts and dreams have vanished some may say
Do deeds that we do here on earth remain though we won't stay?
How could that little dash represent the meaning of a life?
It doesn't tell their struggle or how they endured their strife.

It seems that something's missing from beginning date to end
Still, that small chisled dash is the same for foe or friend!
Reflect on this when next you see that dash on someone's stone
Perhaps with our more thoughtful deeds - we'll leave longer dashes of our own.

(C)2007 Marilyn Mauldin Collection

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Woodside Cemetery, Thomasville, Oregon Co., Missouri

Mabel F. Woodside

1884 - 1976

M. Posey Woodside

1924 - 1976

Donna R. Woodside

1921 - 2005

This large Woodside family stone has the following inscriptions:
Judge J. R. Woodside
Aug. 3, 1814 - Feb. 28, 1887
Emily H., his wife,
Mar. 31, 1822 - Aug. 10, 1910

Their Children
Elizabeth Woodside Forbus
Feb. 27, 1841 - Feb. 1861
Missouri Woodside, 1852 - 1935

These great photos were taken by Robert J. Stauffer, Jr.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Galum Presbyterian Cemetery (Continued)

Jane Hamilton
Aug. 8, 1820
Mar. 15, 1882

[Note: Jane Brown Hamilton was the wife of Anthony S. Hamilton]

Nancy J. 1825 - 1895

Woods L. 1814 - 1868

[Note: Woods L.Hamilton was the son of Anthony L. and Elizabeth (Woodside) Hamilton. His wife's maiden name was Nancy Jane Armstrong.]

Sarah Hamilton
1855 - 1904

[Daughter of Woods L. and Nancy J. Hamilton]

Alfred Hamilton
1866 - 1866

[Son of Woods L. and Nancy J. Hamilton]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Galum Presbyterian Cemetery, Perry County, Illinois

John A. 1852 - 1944

Ann E. 1858 - 1947

[Note: Ann's maiden name was Ann Eliza Kimzey. John was the son of Woods L. & Nancy Jane (Armstrong) Hamilton.]

Elijah 1856 - 1935

Edna A. 1859 - 1944

[Note: Edna's maiden name was Hughey. Elijah was the son of Anthony S. & Jane (Brown) Hamilton. Various records show Elijah's name as Ephriam Elijah.]

Anna B. 1870 - 1944

Albert S. 1866 - 1949

[Note: Anna's maiden name was Bigham. Albert was the son of Woods L. & Nancy Jane (Armstrong) Hamilton.]

These great photos were taken by Rod & Donna Erps.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery, Riverside, California

William R. Olden
1822 - 1883

Sarah I. Olden
1825 - 1890

Beloved Husband
James W. Stoliker
1876 - 1867

Beloved Wife
Eleanor Stoliker
1876 - 1954

[Note: Eleanora's maiden name was Finlay]