Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marissa Cemetery (Continued)

The front of the stone has just the surname JOHNSON.

On one side is engraved:
James Johnson, Born Feb. 25, 1847, Died July 7, 1907

On other side:
Sarah, Wife of James Johnson, Born May 31, 1850, Died Nov. 5, 1916

[Note: Sarah's maiden name was Smith.]

JOHNSON is on top of stone.

Inscription on front reads:

Wm. H. Johnson
Aug. 18, 1869

Feb. 11, 1900

[Note: William was the son of Sarah and James above.]

This stone sits beside the above stone.

Sept. 15, 1878
Jan. 24, 1965

[Note: Edward was the son of Sarah and James.]


Edwin, Dec. 3, 1889, Dec. 29, 1980
Rose, June 27, 1891, Dec. 22, 1959

[Note: Rose's maiden name was Johnson.]

While this stone's markings have worn away, it is the stone for Thomas Smith, Jr. According to the Marissa Cemetery book and family sources, it originally was ingraved:

Thomas Smith, Emigrated from Antrim County,
Died Nov. 2, 1879, Aged 67