Monday, September 28, 2009

Woodside Cemetery, Thomasville, Oregon Co., Missouri

This large WOODSIDE stone for the family of Capt. James Posey Woodside contains the following inscriptions:
Capt. J. Posey Woodside, A Confederate, Born Mar. 18, 1843, Died May 21, 1912
Martha A. Woodside, A Christian, Born Dec. 28, 1847, Died Mar. 24, 1901
Nova S. Woodside, Born July 12, 1868 {not imprinted on stone is Nova's death date of Jan. 24, 1961]
Guy S. Woodside, Born Sept. 19, 1872, Nov. 22, 1944
Hal Woodside, Born Aug. 1, 1875 [not imprinted on stone is death date of July 14, 1960]
J. Clare Woodside, Born Sept. 12, 1883, Dec. 5, 1955

Separate individual stone for Capt. Woodside:

James Posey Woodside
Capt. Co. D 4 MO Inf.
MO State GDS
Confederate States Army
Mar. 18, 1843, May 21, 1912

Separate individual stone:

J. Clare Woodside
1883 - 1955

Wm. Pinckney Woodside
Born Oct. 6, 1845

[Note: bottom of stone is broken off. Death date should be Feb. 5, 1851]

As you can see, this stone is broken in two. What can be read states:

J. H. Forbis
July 23, 1857
Died Feb'y, 1861

These great pictures were taken by Robert J. Stauffer, Jr.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Marissa Cemetery (Continued)

The following stones are all in Section A, Lot 51 of Marissa Cemetery.

This is the front of the stone marking the graves of John R. Lyons and his wife Mary. To the right is a small stone marked FATHER, and the left is a small stone marked MOTHER.

On the right side of the tall monument stone is John R. Lyons, Born Sept. 14, 1814, Died May 21, 1915, Aged 100 Yrs. 8 Mo. 7 Ds.

This photo is the left side of the above monument. It reads:

Mary A. McKee
Wife of John R. Lyons
Died Feb. 7, 1885
Aged 68 Yrs. 9 Mo. 27 Ds.

James Birney
Son of W.M.K. & S.J. Lyons
Feb. 1877

Anna Flora Lyons
May 28, 1882
Dec. 15, 1959