Monday, September 28, 2009

Woodside Cemetery, Thomasville, Oregon Co., Missouri

This large WOODSIDE stone for the family of Capt. James Posey Woodside contains the following inscriptions:
Capt. J. Posey Woodside, A Confederate, Born Mar. 18, 1843, Died May 21, 1912
Martha A. Woodside, A Christian, Born Dec. 28, 1847, Died Mar. 24, 1901
Nova S. Woodside, Born July 12, 1868 {not imprinted on stone is Nova's death date of Jan. 24, 1961]
Guy S. Woodside, Born Sept. 19, 1872, Nov. 22, 1944
Hal Woodside, Born Aug. 1, 1875 [not imprinted on stone is death date of July 14, 1960]
J. Clare Woodside, Born Sept. 12, 1883, Dec. 5, 1955

Separate individual stone for Capt. Woodside:

James Posey Woodside
Capt. Co. D 4 MO Inf.
MO State GDS
Confederate States Army
Mar. 18, 1843, May 21, 1912

Separate individual stone:

J. Clare Woodside
1883 - 1955

Wm. Pinckney Woodside
Born Oct. 6, 1845

[Note: bottom of stone is broken off. Death date should be Feb. 5, 1851]

As you can see, this stone is broken in two. What can be read states:

J. H. Forbis
July 23, 1857
Died Feb'y, 1861

These great pictures were taken by Robert J. Stauffer, Jr.

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