Friday, September 14, 2007

Map of Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Way back in 1987, before there was so much concern with privacy and records were more easy to obtain, I had contacted Mt. Moriah Cemetery to get any information they had on Dougan burials. For a fee they did the research and sent me a wonderful listing that included the name, age at death, date interred and grave site. I doubt very much you would be able to do this today with all the privacy restrictions.

This photo is a copy of the map that was sent along with the information. I was easily able to find each grave I was interested in.


Kate said...

Good Morning, Thank you for posting the MM Map. Just for your (and anyone else who reads your blog) information The Friends of Mount Moriah have a website: They have a few Section maps posted as well as many photos of stones. also has many photos. The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania has (for members) a database of all burried there. Many of the Friends are also members and would be happy to do lookups. Kate Pitluck -

Erma Walsh said...

Hello, Kate. Thanks for your info. It has been over a year since I visited the Friends of Mount Moriah website. I see that they have changed it quite a bit and added more to it. is one of my favorites; have found lots of photos there as well as posted many photos myself.