Friday, November 23, 2007

More from Coulterville Cemetery

This pillar gravestone has the name Woodside engraved on the lower front, and engravings on three sides of the upper pillar. The stone leaning against the side of the pillar is for Sarah M. Woodside and is described in my previous posting.

The pillar stone has deteriorated quite a bit and is difficult to read. However, I believe I have captured most of the engraving properly.

The right-hand side of the pillar has the following engraving:

Sarah, Wife of R. H. Woodside
Died July 25, 1902
Aged 79Y 8M 28Ds

The rear of the pillar is engraved:

Died June 25, 1898
Aged 80Y 2M 16(?)Ds.

(I could not read the beginning of the engraving, but believe this to be Robert H., husband of Sarah.)

The third, or left-hand side of the pillar reads:
Woodside, Died Oct 2, 1855, Aged 21 Days.

I could not get the first name, however, it appears to be for Robert and Sarah's daughter, Sarah M., as the death information is the same as on the white stone that is leaning against the pillar.

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