Saturday, March 22, 2008

Swanwick Cemetery, Perry County, Illinois

These great photos were taken by Cheryl Hughes. The graves are for her paternal great and great great grandparents.

James S.
Jan. 24, 1847
Apr. 14, 1928

Jane B.
Jan. 20, 1849
July 30, 1927

Mary Ann Leslie
Wife of
Samuel Huey
Born Apr. 22, 1823
Died June 6, 1854

Aged 31 Yr. 1 mo. __ ds.

(Note: This is Samuel Huey's first wife)

This stone is a replica of the Samuel Huey home. On the front of the stone:
Samuel Huey
1813 - 1887

Samuel's second wife, Mary Coulter, and son Samuel H. also have their names and dates on this stone.

For some great family photos and genealogical information, visit Cheryl's Swanwick Cemetery listings at

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Cheryl said...

Erma, great job on your blog you sure have done a lot of work on it.
I am honored that you used my Huey photos. I took them back in 1999. I would love to go back there sometime with my digital camera and get some better shots.

I had always heard about my great great grandfathers unique little house grave stone and was excited when I found it. I took pictures of all 4 sides of it. I should scan those sometime.

Sadly the stone of my great great grandmother, Mary Ann Leslie (Samuels 1st wife) was laying on the ground when I found it. I stood it up and held it up while my husband shot the picture.

Again, I am glad you found my entries at Find A Grave.

Cheryl Huey/Hughes