Monday, March 31, 2008


A most distressing situation has recently come to my attention. It has been 20 years since I visited this cemetery to take photos of my ancestors graves (see former postings). I requested some photos through Find A Grave and volunteers Floyd & Patti very kindly tried to take photos for me.

They were able to find one grave I was interested in. In doing so they also took a photo of the present condition of the cemetery.

John S. - 1859-1937
Elizabeth H. - 1854 - 1953

This photo shows Floyd hunting through the overgrowth. The large stone at the far left is also for my ancestors. The top of the stone reads Phillips - Dougan. You can see how this area looked before by going to my former posting of September 2007.

Below are some more photos showing the condition this cemetery has deteriorated to. They were taken by R. Bradley Maule ( You can see these and many more on his wonderful website in the Mount Moriah photo essay section at

According to an article on the Mount Moriah Cemetery Dot Org website, a volunteer group called Friends of Mt. Moriah was formed, and was active in 2005. However, I cannot find any up-to-date information on this group. If you are interested in helping to bring this cemetery back to its previous condition please visit the Mount Moriah website at,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

If anyone has information on this group please let me know. This is an historical cemetery with some famous persons buried here. Something needs to be done.

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