Friday, July 20, 2007

Elmlawn Cemetery, Kenmore, New York

Elmlawn Cemetery is located in Kenmore, just north of Buffalo, New York, at 3939 Delaware Avenue. Located in this cemetery are the graves for my grandfather's brother - William J. Woodside, Sr. - as well as his wife, 3 of his children and and their families. All are located in the West Chapel Lawn section.

Front side of Woodside gravestone (Lot 515, graves #7, 8, 9). Names at bottom of stone are:

Edna M. 1915 - 1928
Lillie B. 1881 - 1954
William J. Sr. 1879 - 1959

Lillie B. (Samcoe) is the wife of William J. Woodside, Sr. Edna is one of their twin daughters.

Rear of Woodside gravestone. Names at bottom of stone are:

Thomas A. 1914 -
Evelyn A. 1915 - 1954 (grave #2)

Evelyn A. (Woodside) Green is the twin sister of Edna M. above.

At time of photographing (Sept. 2005) Thomas was still alive according to the cemetery office.

This Woodside marker is flat in the ground (Lot 514, grave #8). The names on it are:

William J. Jr. 1907 - 1961
Anna G. 1904 - 1991

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